Mark Battles Feat. Los – Ugh Oh [Lyrics]

Mark Battles Feat. Los - Ugh Oh [Lyrics]

Here is the lyrics to “Ugh Oh” by Mark Battles and Los. The track was produced by Lou Koo and released earlier today. Unfortunately, I don’t have Mark Battles lyrics at the moment, but check in later for them. You can listen and view the lyrics to the newest Los song below:

[Intro – Mark Battles]
It’s Battles ha
Uhhh, Fly America
You know what I mean ha

[Verse 1 – Mark Battles]

[Verse 2 – Los]
You have no idea what’s about to happen to you
Los, uhh

I’m trying to push the red line till the Bentley will shiver
And take the top back like an Indian giver
Indian’s cap with the wide smile
Your girl see my style, give me the high brow
To cash out I follow you to Moscow
Don’t make me lash out like the follicles under eye brows
My rolly’s got me sick with ridiculous rage
I’m trying to switch the faces like Travolta and Nicolas Cage
Rap’s my playground and I’m a dinosaur
These were just my monkey bars, bars that I would slide and board
Keep your asses out the deep end
I still advance at a stand still without a knee bend
I used to write, with my left, when my right was sore
Now I just left, the pen there, I don’t write no more
It ain’t right no more, what’s left to do
If you could write what I don’t have to write, what would be left to you
Sickest rapper living, glad to see I’m learn
I couldn’t catch the flu cause it ain’t wanna have me in return

[Verse 3 – Mark Battles]
Los, what up?
Shout out to the whole Bad Boy camp
Diddy, what’s good?
It’s Fly America
Fly high or get flown over

[Outro – Mark Battles]
Yeah ha
Shout out to Lou Koo for this crazy beat man
I had a lot of fun with this
Don’t forget, Fly America

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    Los, man keep killin fam U still rippin can’t w8 4 your new mixtape
    – STACCZ!

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