Los “Becoming King” Mixtape Coming Soon

Los "Becoming King" Mixtape Coming Soon

Los just announced on Twitter that he will be dropping a new mixtape called Becoming King. This will be his first mixtape under Bad Boy Records since King Los was signed a few months ago. Overall, this will be the first mixtape that Los will drop as a signed artist. The upcoming mixtape will not be called “Billionaire In Training” as I recently posted back in April. Although, Los did mention a track on the new mixtape that would be called that. Hopefully King Los will drop Becoming King very soon. You can check out the tweets below of Swagga Boy Los announcing the new mixtape. Scroll to the bottom for new updates on the tape!

Los Announcing "Becoming King" Mixtape on Twitter

Los Saying His New Mixtape Will Be The Best Ever

9/21/12 – Larry Whaddup saying Becoming King Mixtape is only a couple weeks away!!!
Larry Whaddup saying Becoming King Mixtape is only a couple weeks away

UPDATED: Shooter just leaked the first track from Becoming King called “Whippin Azz.” You can download, view the lyrics and the track art to “Whippin Azz” by the Best Rapper Alive.

UPDATED: Just dropped the Los – The Road To Becoming King unofficial mixtape

UPDATED: Los just announced on Twitter some of the features for Becoming King. The features will be Fabolous, Lola Monroe, T-Pain, Red Cafe, French Montana, Twista, Juicy J and more. Also, the mixtape will contain all original content.

UPDATED: Los speaks on Becoming King (possible trailer) and preview the song “Dope” off Becoming King. Click here.

UPDATED: Los just announced the release date for Becoming King & now all new updates will be on that post.

New mixtape artwork design by simplysir. This is not official.
Los Becoming King Unofficial Artwork

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the new upcoming Los mixtape below.

Be sure to check in daily regarding the latest news on Los and his new upcoming mixtape.


  1. On , Smp530 said...

    Los has been king for years…. Everyone is still all over weezy to realize it when los is not only on another level but on another planet! los goes right off the dome and could probably spit for an hour and not stutter…. Hes way over everyones head! His metaphors, word play, insane flow, and pattern rap will make your jaw hit the ground foreal. weezy sounds RETARDED compared to this guy lol. only thing i don’t like is that he is signed with bad boy and not MMG but thats just me. if anyone disagrees I am sure you will believe very soon foreal! all hail kinglos. 410 Bmore stand up!!!!!

    • On , myles da white boi said...

      Los is by far one of my fav rappers…. along with logic who also resides in maryland, Los is one of the most intelectual lyricist ive heard, listend to every mixtape n hearing songs over n over, i have caught new things where i was like damn….hes NUTS…but yea much support to los killing the game keep that confidence along with the lyrics n rythm to the beat like u do….TAKEOVER!!!!

    • On , MattyHooks said...

      I personally think he signed with Bad Boy vs MMG because Bad Boy has a better foundation. It has been in business much longer then MMG, and between me and you, MMG really doesn’t have anyone who soars to the top. Meek is nice, but he is so repetitive. But then again, so is most of the game today. Keep up the good work Los!

    • On , becoming king said...

      honestly i wanted him to sign with Aftermath since hes one of the smartest rappers out there he would of fit right in with eminem, dre and slaughterhouse.

  2. On , Phant0m said...

    Yea i feel you with the bad boy records thing i mean dont underestimate diddy he was the highest paid rapper last year according to forbes (ikr like wtf) but really dont have many major label mates to drop singles with i mean he got the skills we all know that pattern rap itself just disgusting. shit 2 ill. and i mean dude freestyles better than most mainstream artists singles. just in bad boy he dont have many other heavy hitters to put out singles with. i mean think how a track would have been if he was in G.O.O.D music. Kayne,Wale and Los on a single. would have been crazy. or in the case of MMG. Ross,millz, and Los.

  3. On , CoopdaGod said...

    hope he has that track with meek on it.. They were going ham in the studio…

  4. On , DevonnR said...

    Los to to be honest I’m your BIGGEST FAN I look up too y a lot no homo… with all your situations and what not y da best rapper ta walk Los this planet no homo but call me sometime bro 9894434506

  5. I mean I love his freestyles and all, buttttttttttt cant he just work on the mixtape?? ITS GOT 30 TRACKS! GET ON IT MAYNEEE!!! lolol

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