Los – Untitled Banger [Download] [Lyrics]

Here is a track (30) off The Road To Becoming King unofficial mixtape by Los called, “Untitled Banger.” Listen and download the track below and after the jump view the lyrics by King Los.

Download: Los – Untitled Banger

I’m ace you a joker nigga play your part
I met your queen at the club then I ate her heart
I’m razor sharp and I’m all bout cheddar
So when it’s diamonds on my chest it aint no argyle sweater
I’m like a drop topin shopaholic
My niggas blow pounds off that loud green
You can call it little shop of horrors
I’m on my grizzly bear runnin’ through your spot for porridge
Niggas plottin’ but I’m comin’ for they spot regardless
Word to Bodie they know I’m from where that .40 pop
How these niggas sleepin’ on my shit like they goldielocks
That mossberg pump hit like a boulder drop
And make a bitch nigga ninja flip from a shoulder shot
I’m in some thousand dollar sneakers and a good polo
I prefer burberry on my hood logo
40 cal turn a hater to a good homo
And leave em all over the streets like good promo
Born sell out I could auction your heart for a bargain
Then target the squad for talkin my arsenals awesome
Play your spot but hawk em then leave em sharp for the coffin
It’s Elway or no way cause my broncos a stomp em
Boss em bruise em squash and move em
Boston bake his been and give em large contusions
My bars confuse em metaphors cause illusions
You never saw sicker shit come out the jaws of mutants, nigga

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Untitled Banger Instrumental


  1. On , DJ said...

    do you know what beat this is? if you could help that’d be ill but if not that’s ok

    • On , bdp said...

      the song is literally called untitled banger lol… heres the intrumental tho… actually i cant put it on here but ok the instrumental is at the end of this post right before the comments

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