Los – The Lost Files

Los - The Lost Files

Download the unofficial mixtape, The Lost Files, by Los aka Pitbull. These are all old tracks that have been overlooked or ignored. Features from Skarr Akbar, Tonio: From Da Top, DROP and The Arabz. There are only seven tracks but believe me these are not to be slept on.

  1. Gunshots
  2. Get Cha Money Man
  3. Load The Clips
  4. Hottest In My City
  5. Freestyle 1 (So Ghetto)
  6. Freestyle 2
  7. Roll Call

Download: Los – The Lost Files

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If you want to know where the tracks on The Lost Files came from leave a comment below.


  1. On , Danny said...

    Could you guys re up this, i would greatly appreciate it

    • This will be re-uploaded soon. I have to find and re-download all the tracks first. Expect it in no more than a couple of weeks. Make sure you follow me on Twitter so you know exactly when I re-upload it.

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