D.O.G. – Get Money (Feat. Huli Shallone & Los) + Lyrics

D.O.G. - Get Money (Feat. Huli Shallone & Los) + Lyrics

Here’s another old Los banger you can add to your pile of exclusives or The Lost Files. This track by D.O.G., Huli Shallone and King Los is called Get Money. This track appeared on D.O.G.’s mixtape, The Feeling Bring It Back, back in 2008. You can listen, download and view the lyrics to Get Money by Swagga Boy Los below.

Download: D.O.G. – Get Money (Feat. Huli Shallone & Los) or Los – Get Money (Verse)

Eh yo, the old school now n later painted
Push a button on the coupe
Make the roof look like a aliigator ate it
The chain like Kelly Bundy
Could not be stupider
Lil kids see it
They say look mommy Jupiter
Who woulda thought the boy Los have a flow so cold
It would scare em dead
Got my whole block on my back
Feel like I’m buildin pyramids
I’m serious if I talk about my money
Thats just discussive
That aint no knot in my pocket homie
Thats a concussion
Bastards be fussin’
I see why your crew truely mad
My sneaks look like
I stuck my feet in two louis bags
My wrist look like
I dipped my fist in glue and glass
My watch face turned to stone
Like it made Medusa mad
The truth comes back, my roof is back,
My tool is black, my coupe is white,
My jewelry carver went to Harvard
Cause my shit is stupid bright,
L-O-S, D-O-G, HULI in that big range,
Fool we in the big games, dont be stupid,
Don’t you see the big chain…

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