Los Becoming King Mixtape Release Date: 11/29/2012

Los Becoming King Mixtape Release Date: 11/29/2012

Los just announced on Twitter that he will be dropping his highly anticipated mixtape, Becoming King, on November 29, 2012 (11/29/2012). Swagga Boy Los went on to say that Becoming King will change the world, so get ready! The tape will consist of all original tracks. The first single off the tape was Whippin Azz Born A King. Also, rumors are pointing to the upcoming Turn Up track featuring T-Pain being the second single from the tape. There is one more song called Dope, that we recently got a little taste of that may be on the mixtape.

Some of the features on the new King Los mixtape will be Fabolous, Lola Monroe, T-Pain, Red Cafe, French Montana, Twista, Juicy J and more features below. Stay tuned to this post as I will update any new details on Becoming King here. Hit the link below to check out more interesting details.

Los Becoming King Mixtape Release Date Tweet


↓ Unofficial mixtape cover artwork ↓

Los "Becoming King" Mixtape Coming Soon

Los Becoming King Unofficial Artwork
By simplysir

What are your thoughts on Becoming King? How do you feel about the supposedly 16 features on the tape?


  1. On , Rich Porter said...

    i hate its so many features that takes away from the tape smh u never have this many features why now? i appreciated your work so much because u held it down by yourself unlike everyone else now a days smh #BigDisappointment

  2. On , jake said...

    damn… i bet los was really hoping the mayans would end the world so he wouldnt have to drop his mixtape…. sample clearance issues my a$$

  3. On , Danny said...

    @jake You sir are a dumbass, the Mayans built a circular calender, that does exactly that, go in circles… “end the world” lol. Point being; Los will rap circles around you tool, If he dropped the mixtape, the world would have ended for sure. Take it as… A gift, and quit bitchin.. He will drop it whenever he so desires.In conclusion I’m willing to bet a naive tool such as yourself cannot grasp half the concepts Los presents in his songs, and needs to study life some more, instead of hate some more.

  4. On , jake said...

    first off, calm yourself son. It was a joke, the mayan apocalypse was obviously misunderstood by idiots and made a big deal out of nothing (much like yourself). 2nd of all im just a big a fan of Los as you are. I’ve been hyping this dude to my friends for i dont know how long. And to say he could rap circles around me, is like saying MJ could cross me over…. no shit sherlock. Los is obviously one of the most, if not the most, talented rapper i’ve ever heard. what im disappointed in is that Becoming King has been coming soon since May and when there’s an actual date, that’s when the anticipation builds up… and if it doesnt drop on said date it’s going to lead to a let down. So hop off my nuts, take your vitamins, eat your veggies and say your prayers

  5. On , Nate said...

    I kinda have to agree with Jake, shits starting to get old like its 2 months past the due date already fuck is taken so long. He dont even keep no one updated on whats goin on all he be saying on twitter is coming soon well obviously its coming soon cuz it hasnt come out yet. I feel like he aint finish it before the due date and he dont wanna admit it

  6. On , Deshaun said...

    I still support and love the music.. Even though the mixtape is long overdue, I know the wait is worth it! #BecomingKing

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