Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

King Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

Here is an depth perspective on all upcoming releases from Los, including his mixtapes and songs. First up, we got the mixtape, Becoming King. Originally supposed to be released on the 29th of November, but due to some sample clearance issues, the tape has been delayed till further notice. We most likely won’t see BK till later this month, I’m sure King Los won’t push it into the next year though. Now, we did get some info on a few of the songs on the tape. We already heard Born A King, Dope will be on it along with My Hightop Nikes. But don’t forget about Turn Up, which features T-Pain, that will most likely be on BK, since it’s an original track. Turn Up was originally supposed to drop a week or two before the tape. Maybe we’ll see it before the tape drops but who knows now, it might just shine light when BK does.

Okay, now were on to the tapes that will be released while we wait for Becoming King. Swagga Boy Los originally mentioned that he would drop Worth The Wait 2 to hold out the fans. Just like last year when Los dropped Worth The Wait while we waited for The Crown Ain’t Safe. But today, we just got word that the second installment of Zero Gravity would be released instead. Zero Gravity Pt. 2 (Pt. standing for point, not part) just got it’s first leak today, according to Bad Boy Los. The leak is a remix to Kendrick Lamar’s Back Seat (Freestyle) that is full of “pattern rap“. Nothing is set in stone yet so you can expect either Worth The Wait 2 or Zero Gravity Pt. 2, or maybe we’ll even get both. I’d say you can get ready for either one of them tapes very soon, as Los has many songs already recorded.

Two more mixtapes are in the making or are already done. The first, Broken Silence, which is a collab with Mark Battles. Out of the two, this is the one that is mostly likely done, as we’ll see this tape first. The second, Bonnie & Clyde, which is another collab but with King Los‘ girlfriend, Lola Monroe. Bonnie & Clyde did release it’s title track a while back. We most likely won’t see these two tapes until the first or second quarter of 2013. I would say Broken Silence is coming in the early months of 2013 because Mark battles is eager to drop the project.

I will be making a page with a list of upcoming releases from Los for easier viewing. Expect that either tomorrow or the next.

What do you think of the upcoming releases? Would you choose Worth The Wait 2 or Zero Gravity Pt. 2?

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  1. worth the wait 2 and zero gravity .2 would be the same idea lol

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