Los “Becoming King” Mixtape Sample Cleared

Los 'Becoming King' Mixtape Sample Cleared

Los just mentioned on Twitter that his highly anticipated mixtape, Becoming King, has had it’s sample clearance issue cleared. King Los then went on to say that the release date for the tape is “coming soon.” We definitely should of had a release date by now so who knows when this new mixtape is actually going to drop. I know it’s been a really long time, but just hold on a little more, were going to get something huge from Bad Boy Los.

My best guess is that he is going to announce the release date for Zero Gravity Pt. 2 first or even just drop it out of nowhere. We already know Zero.2 is going to hit hard so maybe he really wants to hype up Becoming King by releasing that first. After Zero, he’ll then announce the release date for Becoming King along with another single, artwork and any other details to keep the fans intrigued. But that’s just my guess. Leave a comment below to leave your guess on what Swagga Boy Los is going to do.


  1. On , Ba said...

    Well his collab with mark battles is suppose to drop feb 1st so im guessing he’ll let that drop and give a date for becoming king since everybody has been hating him since to sample clearance issue. He’ll put zero gravity on a lil wait till after bonnie and clyde in march so we’l have a lot of Los music to bump up till the summer

    • forgot about Broken Silence … but no tracklist or artwork or on datpiff … idk about dropping tomorrow even though i hope it does

      • On , Ba said...

        Thats very true it was said to drop but never gave any updates or anything, same with bonnie and clyde which is due in march

  2. On , josh said...

    never realized how many haters are really out in the world…Los is the king at rapping. appreciate what the nigga drops and move on.

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