Los – KING – Lyrics

Los - KING - Lyrics

KING by King Los was released a couple days and now we got the lyrics to this banger. Los goes in with no hook, ripping bar after bar. Listen, view the lyrics and download KING by Swagga Boy Los after the jump.

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Bad Boy, all my bitches into bad things
Popped the molly, now she sweatin’, that’s that Trinidad James
Bitch, my troops’ll make you move, Coupes’ll make you drool
Watches, rings and chains in flavors too
Bring that Laker through, yeah, you know
That purple-colored cutty yellow, guts and shit
I’ve got that retarded drive, watch me yellow bust this shit
Yellow-bellied busters hate a hustler, suckah suck a dick
Suffer while I suffocate your bitch under my nuts and dick
I’m nuts, my nig, in my truck I’m big, and my Coupe I’m cool
And I cut the top off like a coupon, you see my Yukon new
Nigga, you conned who? You a bitch nigga like To Wong Foo
See I’ve got a bad bitch in the 212,
that love bad bitches and’ll do one too
Ooh, one-two, one-two, mic check, bitch, I love my crew, my tech
I just move onto my checks, your bitch like to ooze on my chest
And move my dress to the side, nigga hit it like an abusive husband
She came ten times in a row, like damn, it’s the way you be hustlin’
It really turn me on, really turn me on my stomach, dig me out
I know after we finish kicking it, you gon’ kick me out
Bitch be out, you ain’t never seen no kicks this crispy out
Chicks be out to get me in that strip club throwin’ fifties out
Bitch we out here hustlin’ but we duckin’ if that 50 out
That’s that 5-0, drive slow, duckin’ from the rivals, eyes low
From the motherfuckin’ hydro, y’all know
I go stupid, insane, get money like I’m loopin’ this change
Your bitch could hoola-hoop with this chain
King… fuck ‘em
These niggas really ain’t ‘bout shit,
switch my outfit, pop my collar, damn
Every time you turn around I change, I’m like a hologram
Hold that pussy ransom till I’m dancin’ in them thighs
Like a genie on a carpet ‘cause I’m lampin’ and I’m fly
I switch gears like transmissions, man listen, hoes get the gas face
‘Cause I get my point across but wouldn’t layup on a fast break
Hold up, wait, there I go, see layin’ up, that’s a square’s goal
Get it? Square’s goal, that’s a back board
Fuck a girl good, send her back boy
You PC, I’m a mack boy, you keep it PG, she wanted Bad Boy

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