New “King Life” Apparel From Los Available Now

New 'King Life' Apparel From Los Available Now

We can now purchase new King Life tees from Los. Visit the King Life shopping center to rock some new King Life gear from Swagga Boy Los. There are four available King Los shirts. Two of them are your King Life tees with a fancy new logo from the old, one is a Zero Gravity II tee and the last is a Rich Niggaz Don’t Sleep tee, a saying from All On Me. All tees are the same price of $24.99. Hit the jump below to check out the four different King Life tees from Los.

Los - King Life - White & Black Tee

Los - King Life - Black & Gold Tee

Los - Zero Gravity II Tee

Los - Rich Niggaz Don't Sleep Tee


  1. On , Brandon Loredo said...

    Some snapbacks with Los’ logo on them would probably sell very well.

  2. On , Cisco said...

    a white t-shirt with the zero gravity 2 mixtape cover on it would be sick!

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