King Los – Blessings (Freestyle) Lyrics / Download

King Los - Blessings (Freestyle) Lyrics / Download

Listen, download and view the lyrics to Blessings (Freestyle) by King Los. Straight out from dropping God, Money, War and Los is still bringing us constant new music as he preps his debut album. Hit the jump below to listen, download and view the dope lyrics of the remix to Blessings by Swagga Boy Los.

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King Los – Blessings (Freestyle) Lyrics

They say I’m the best to ever do this shit no ex or no amical
No you ain’t have to grow up where them hammers go Blam-a-lam-a-lam and phone an ambulance
If homie had a chance and only had a glance at something better
Nothing ever happens for the ghetto does it pack your metal
Buzz it bastards meddle buzzards circle perfect when you hurting vultures spot you watch you plotting on you
Niggas go from riding with you to riding on you to Rogey P his is supposed to build empires for you
Woo, they say I’m biased cause I wait at home like I’m pious for you, in case some niggas sliding on you
I looked into the mirror and said to myself there will not be another you
Thinking damn they so sloppy so how they so cocky you need to come watch me I’ll humble you
Yeah yeah I’m taking number one, they so pissed that I’m number one I’m made them number two
No no I’m taking number twos on them who number one I bet no one will remember you, ‘magine me being another you
They built niggas like me on the day they discovered you
So bitch take cover I’ll kill you and make you my mixtape cover I don’t make mistakes my mixtapes hover
Above niggas I’m better and I’m better this and better this a veteran inside of me ain’t no medicine
To try me put a Tommy to his Letterman and let ’em hit him quietly, letters everywhere like the letters in my diary
I’m diving in this letter like a letter to Violetta, to tell her I’m the wildest, let her hear my lecture
Maybe these bars will impress her to do it big I’ll put your whole squad on a stretcher
All eyes on me buy jewels cop cars got the juice here’s there proof in my 2Pac bars
Uhm, poetic justice rhetoric clause this hesitant bust this residence hustlers passage to the president lovers pest them and suckers
Hesitant never I’m excellent better the rest of this letter impressed and competitors editors and blogs et cetera
They said I was ahead of the class I said I was a head ache Excedrin
Except when your pen ever met your pad and rap was your friend but your friend never met your dad
Cause they killed them when you was only sixteen now you kill sixteens in return, sick things in my mind
Then God said, put it in a sixteen you’ll be fine
Ok that’s blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings on falling on stressing on stressing on guessing on guessing on questions on questions on questions on kidnaps and destine my family shit gone so left and so left in me bringing it back cause no less than no less than my destiny gotta be blessings
My recipe essence honorable responsible unequivocable incomparable
Harm a few herbivores carnivores don’t hang around with you (?)
Ain’t no odds in it I’m the ultimate accomplishment
When they comment on this they gon’ have to leave stars and comments on this, cause Karma’s a bitch
I’m cool collect calm in this bitch and my crew collect arms in this bitch

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