Los Goes In Depth About Leaving Bad Boy, His Career & Battles DeRay Davis

Los Goes In Depth About Leaving Bad Boy

Check out Los going in depth about his situation with leaving Bad Boy Records on a Sway In The Morning interview right before he rips the 5 Fingers of Death. King Los also goes into detail about his friendship with Diddy, the Bad Boy situation, how Zero Gravity II was dark and lonely compared to his other projects, how he blames himself and not his record label, his career after losing his first deal, how The Wire was upsetting to gangsters, his flow and style, if he purposely writes hits for people or not and more.

After watching the video, it seems as if King Los is changing his work ethic, meaning what he’s been doing in the rap game hasn’t been working out for him too much so he’s going to change it up. This may mean more singles, freestyles and maybe even more mixtapes since Los is now independent (again), he is hungrier than ever before and is about to show the world what a Baltimore rapper can do. Also, watch a hilarious freestyle battle with comedian DeRay Davis. You can view these videos after the jump.

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Los Breaks Down “Zero Gravity II”

Check out this interview with Los and Fuse TV’s Esteban Serrano on The Mixdown. King Los discusses his latest project, Zero Gravity II, and breaks down the mixtape. Swagga Boy Los starts off the interview with a freestyle and goes on to explain the tracks Only Nigga Left, Woke Up Like This and Fuck The Club.

Los explains Zero Gravity II is, “all about coming full circle, revisiting that initial hunger. Zero Gravity is one of my dopest, most hungry and most confident tapes. I just want to go back to that place and find that kid who was that passionate. It’s a fan favorite and I cater to my fans.”

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