Los – The Road To Becoming King

Los - The Road To Becoming King

BmoreLos.com and Los410Promo present the unofficial mixtape, The Road To Becoming King, by Los. This playlist will contain the most underrated and exclusive King Los songs. This was made for all you Swagga Boy Los fans to recognize why Los is on his way to becoming the king of rap.

This is not an official mixtape by Los. This is an unofficial mixtape / playlist thrown together and edited by bdp. This is simply for all you Los fans out there while we patiently wait for the official mixtape, Becoming King, by Bad Boy Los.

Los – The Road To Becoming King Tracklist

  1. Warm Up
  2. Pattern Rap
  3. Intro
  4. Shooter
  5. Say Yeah / Swagga Like Us
  6. Can’t Tell Me Nothin
  7. Exclusive 1
  8. Bumpin My Music
  9. Make You Fly
  10. Dis Is Why I’m Hot
  11. Exclusive 2
  12. Adrenaline Rush
  13. Stroke Of Genius
  14. T.I.
  15. Let Da Beat Build
  16. A Milli
  17. Exclusive 3
  18. Bang!
  19. Racks In My Pocket
  20. Turnt Up
  21. Tha Life
  22. Ransom
  23. Pop, Lock & Drop It
  24. Talkin Bout
  25. Angel
  26. Don’t Shoot Me Down
  27. Hit Em Up
  28. Trash Bag
  29. Poetry
  30. Untitled
  31. Grammy Fam
  32. G Check
  33. Renegade
  34. Exclusive 4
  35. Outro

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HulkShare is faster for me. I know there’s a lot of tracks (35) but their all so dope I couldn’t say no to any of them. All you true Los fans know what I’m talking about when your trying to make your CD’s lol. They all should fit on a CD too. Anyways enjoy. Becoming King coming soon!

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