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BmoreLos.com was created on December 3, 2011 by Brandon Peter, also known as “bdp”. Brandon created the website to promote and support Los in the digital world. Also, because there are no other decent Los fansites / blogs on the net that are regularly synched with correct info, and obviously because he is a huge fan of Swagga Boy Los. He makes sure that B’more Los is updated daily with all of the latest music, videos, news, photos and more for King Los.

Brandon chose the domain name “BmoreLos.com” because Los is from Baltimore, aka B’more, and I think we all strive to “Be More Like Los” the Best Rapper Alive!

B’more Los Staff:

bdpFounder, Editor & Administrator

  • Real Name: Brandon Peter
  • Occupation: Student, Web Designer and Blogger
  • Location: New Jersey, United States
  • Email: bdp@bmorelos.com
  • PS3 Gamertag: bdp033
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Thank You, Come Again!

I hope you found BmoreLos.com helpful and please keep stopping back in because I update most of these pages on this website daily. I also add new interesting sections to the site if I think they will be useful to you Los fans. The more I learn on Los, the more I share with you!

If you are a big fan of the website, why not send me an e-mail with some feedback. And if your feeling real generous, why not donate so I can keep up with the server costs. Just e-mail me and I will reply back with more details. A thousand thanks for any of those things.

Reminder: BmoreLos.com is not an official artist page of Los and we are in no way affiliated with Los.