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Lyrics from Mixtapes by Los:

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Los Zero Gravity II Mixtape Lyrics

Zero Gravity II
“They tell me keep my circle small; And I tell them that it already is, get it, all radius”

Los Becoming King Mixtape Lyrics

Becoming King
“I’m beyond you niggas, a bionic writer; I’m tiger with the iron, the eye on the tiger”

Los The Crown Ain't Safe Mixtape Lyrics

The Crown Ain’t Safe
“No Roc Nation, no G.O.O.D. music; But somehow I still rocked the nation with good music”

Los Worth The Wait Mixtape Lyrics

Worth The Wait
“Put my life behind bars, that’s how I mastered the pen”

Los The Louis Vuitton Gift Pack Mixtape Lyrics

The Louis Vuitton Gift Pack
“Rest in peace to this beat, haul it off and chalk it; I was all over this flow, wall to wall carpet”

Los Shooter Mixtape Lyrics

“All black, blacked out, black mask down; On the rooftop with my city in the background”

Los Zero Gravity Mixtape Lyrics

Zero Gravity
“I give em cold stares, no grin, see my target, hold my breath, then I ze-ro in, pow!”

Los 2 Seconds From Greatness Mixtape Lyrics

2 Seconds From Greatness
“I’m never fallin’ off, I’m like the rappin’ Peter Parker”

Los Welcome To Swaggsville Mixtape Lyrics

Welcome To Swaggsville
“I’ll throw the hearse in reverse then disperse a verse in reverse without rehearsin’ it first”

Los G5.2 Mixtape Lyrics

“My flow’s ambidextrous, you see how you get left, right?”

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