Killa J – Out On A Limb (Feat. Los & Sean Hayz) Lyrics

Artist: Killa J Feat. Los & Sean Hayz
Mixtape: A1: Artist Of A New Era
Release Date: April 3, 2012

[Verse 1 – Killa J]

[Chorus – Sean Hayz]

[Verse 2 – Los]
Let’s go, Los
The time that it’s taken
Finding the patience
Climbing and scraping
Commas to commentators
Communist conversations
It’s kinda my obligation
Yall was in hibernation
I plotted a plot to grind and got it in moderation
Decided I’m tired of waiting, provided indoctrinations of logic
While making progress, they try to divide your nation
Fuck it, I got it covered like overcast on a gloomy day
Bringing rain to these niggas who block my shine I illuminate you
You’ll fade and full-fill it
The dudes (w)ill say they don’t feel it
Realizes that to deny us the moves they make when they feel it
The skill in which I exhibit
Really denying critics
The will or just try to kill it
My diligent side is bringing
I feel it it’s about to happen
Sealing the months that yappin
Gorilla styles and I’m bringing the realest shit out this rappin
What’s good? I got a big smile for the mean folks
Cause my chain swing and my diamonds bling, King Los!

[Chorus – Sean Hayz]

[Verse 3 – Killa J]

[Chorus – Sean Hayz]

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