Los – Worth The Wait Lyrics

View the lyrics to Worth The Wait, the 10th official mixtape by Los. Browse the tracklist below and click on the song title to view the lyrics. More info on Worth The Wait.

Los – Worth The Wait Tracklist

  1. Worth The Wait Intro
  2. I’m On One
  3. Moment 4 Life
  4. Livin The Life (Feat. Carmen)
  5. Look At Me Now
  6. Sure Thing
  7. Fresh Pair Of J’s
  8. Racks In My Pocket
  9. Gucci Gucci
  10. Marvin’s Room (Feat. Chris Brown)
  11. Slo Motion (Feat. Dudley)
  12. Hustle Hard
  13. Reppin
  14. Angel In A New Dress
  15. Good Night (Feat. Fat Trel & Skarr)
  16. Tha Life (Feat. Def N Merk)

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