Los – Oh Let’s Do It Lyrics

Artist: Los
Mixtape: Zero Gravity
Release Date: April 26, 2010

Haters wish that they could play me out then lay me out to dry
Told them I would be the best, tried to make me out a liar
Sucker nigga in the hood, ain’t want me to make it out alive
I swear that Lambo and that Bentley look like they be bout to fly
Tell them lames soon as I cop ‘em, come and take me out the sky
I’m in love with your girlfriend, I’m crazy about her thighs
But she ain’t pregnant by me ‘less she having babies out her eyes
Think about it like damn, every time we do it
I just let my fluid go all over her two lips
I don’t give her roses, I just give her new dick
She let me beat, I make her sing and sound like I produced it
Who you got me confused with? Yeah, I’m on my new shit
My two thousand and ten flow sound like three thousand and two shit
No need to introduce it, your bitch know bout that Zero
I let her blow my whistle and she let me shoot a free throw
Bitches like to meet Los in V.I.P and be close
I tell ‘em it’s all gravy baby, chicken, rice and meatloaf
Plush colored Chevy drop, seats look like weed smoke
Ocean blue watch bezel, face look like a speed boat
Better have my C-Notes, bitch if you don’t pay me
I’m Sha-nay-nay with that chopper, have folks screaming you so crazy
Zero, bitch I need my bread, big ego like Gina head
Boss bitches like Lola said, bad bitches like Trina said
Freak me like Adina said, fuck me good, suck me great
Pin me to the bed, take this to the head and suffocate
Grab her chin, fuck her face, never show a slut respect
You cuddle up and kiss that bitch, I’m trying to break her fucking neck
You trying to break a fucking check, cop that bitch a Louie bag
Who the fuck you get that from and where the fuck they do that at?

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