Los – Run This Town Lyrics

Artist: Los
Mixtape: Zero Gravity
Release Date: April 26, 2010

Straight off the T-O,-P-No ego, please don’t
We don’t, need no, hero
Choppers, eagles, T-I, T-O
I’m M-I-K-E then T-I
Straight off the T-O,-P-No ego, please don’t
We don’t, need no, hero
Choppers, eagles, T-I, T-O
I’m M-I-K-E then T-I,-T-O
Soft like Rudy, Vanessa, Theo
I set it off stony, Frankie Cleo
I’m the one like morpheus, Trinity, Neo
And swagg plus absolute genius euals, zero
I run wherever, I land on the runway
Give me daylight, and I Ray Rice on the run play
Everytime you hate, you just giving me promo
Nigga I runs house, you just Diggy and Jojo
Yea boy, I’m good like arenas from the outside
You can hear the screams, in the arenas from the outside
Z-E-R,-O-G-R,-A-V,-I-T-Y, Rock a by baby
Like blue dinem, latigra navy
The masseraa, T can fly, maybe
How they gonna hand me down bad
Bitch I’m Bremmy Brown, you got hand me down swag
That paycheck you think get your job, I might burn it
I don’t chase ham, ham chase me, I’m like Kirmit
You can’t afford a loss, me I was born to floss
Even if they full court press me, I get my point across
Make cheddar, stack a dock
Look, Ray-Levan-blackin-Pac
Look, way-better-Rapping-stop
Look, Mayweather-Packy-out
Yea a-mess, in-back-in-five
Look, the newest Einstein
In Germany, they say that boy-do is Einfrein
Thats my 1-2, in case you need a translator
Plus theres one or two model-bitches, in my planslator
While you and you’re girl in between fights
I lay her over, like shes in between flights
You somewhere from UHHH, to in between nights
And I wake every single night, in between dykes
I can’t stop, ’till my name is somewhere, in between lights
Or multiple color gymstones, in between ice, yeah
I’m witty and gifted, I’m pretty persistent
But I keep this bitch running, like a Diddy assistant
So while your runs ended, my runs on endless
I will never stop, period, run-on sentence
This run I’m on, I should stress, I might injure-something
Plus I go in, Bang-Robbice, keep the engine running
Run circles ’round wreck, square niggas sound wack
I try-angles to spit from, they haven’t found yet
You run ’round acting tough, no circles to back it up
Meet me in the square motherfucker, if you bad enough
Bad enough, I paddle these padding rats famous
I adapt to my habitat, and change it

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