Los - Zero Gravity 2 - Download / Lyrics

Los Breaks Down “Zero Gravity II”

Check out this interview with Los and Fuse TV’s Esteban Serrano on The Mixdown. King Los discusses his latest project, Zero Gravity II, and breaks down the mixtape. Swagga Boy Los starts off the interview with a freestyle and goes on to explain the tracks Only Nigga Left, Woke Up Like This and Fuck The Club.

Los explains Zero Gravity II is, “all about coming full circle, revisiting that initial hunger. Zero Gravity is one of my dopest, most hungry and most confident tapes. I just want to go back to that place and find that kid who was that passionate. It’s a fan favorite and I cater to my fans.”

Los – Zero Gravity II – Mixtape Download

Los - Zero Gravity II - Mixtape Download

Los - Zero Gravity II - Mixtape Download

Zero Gravity II – 13th Official Los Mixtape

On April 26, 2010, Los released one of his most controversial mixtapes, Zero Gravity, a project filled mostly with remixes. Four years and five official mixtapes later, King Los and After Platinum are back with the sequel, Zero Gravity II. Swagga Boy Los left Bad Boy Records recently putting him in the free agency and making him hungrier than ever. Los announced this tape about a year ago and once again delivers us the potential mixtape of the year.

Zero Gravity II, the 13th official mixtape by Swagga Boy Los is presented by After Platinum Records. There are a total of 19 tracks on the tape and most of them are original tracks with a few of Los rapping over other music artist’s instrumentals. ZGII features many popular artists such as Royce Da 5’9, Lola Monroe, Devin Cruise, Mario, Kid Ink, Jeremih and many more. The tape is filled with solid production with Los debuting, the usual J. Oliver, Dot N Pro, Hitmaka, Devin Cruise, Peter Pan and more. Hit the link below to view the track list and download Zero Gravity II by King Los.

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Happy Birthday King Los

Happy Birthday King Los

Happy Birthday to Los turning 32 years old. King Los has released 12 official mixtapes all with exceptional appraise and is know as one of the greatest freestylers to ever touch the mic. Los is well known for his pattern rap and his unreal wordplay. Tomorrow at 1:00pm EST, Swagga Boy Los will be releasing his biggest project yet, Zero Gravity II. Congratulations Los and we hope you have many more years being King. Check out Los’ biography to get to know King Los better or just browse through B’more Los.

Los Talks About Leaving Bad Boy & His Future

In the video above, watch Los explain his recent departure from Bad Boy in an interview with HNHH. King Los explains that his departure wasn’t anything personal, he just needs room to expand as a king. Los also goes on to explain that he truly wants to motivate people in the year 2014 and the accolades can come and go as they please. Hit the jump below to check out another interview with Swagga Boy Los and Fuse.

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