Los “Becoming King” Mixtape Breakdown

Los 'Becoming King' Mixtape Breakdown

So a lot of us know Los is dropping his highly anticipated mixtape, Becoming King, tomorrow at 2:00pm EST. A lot of fans have been contacting me telling me to leak a track or the tape. Well, I can’t because I don’t have that material, this is why I’m making this post. Hopefully, you can browse through the analysis and find something you missed. I will be covering everything from the cover to his interviews. Hit the jump to view the mixtape breakdown of Becoming King by King Los.

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Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

King Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

Here is an depth perspective on all upcoming releases from Los, including his mixtapes and songs. First up, we got the mixtape, Becoming King. Originally supposed to be released on the 29th of November, but due to some sample clearance issues, the tape has been delayed till further notice. We most likely won’t see BK till later this month, I’m sure King Los won’t push it into the next year though. Now, we did get some info on a few of the songs on the tape. We already heard Born A King, Dope will be on it along with My Hightop Nikes. But don’t forget about Turn Up, which features T-Pain, that will most likely be on BK, since it’s an original track. Turn Up was originally supposed to drop a week or two before the tape. Maybe we’ll see it before the tape drops but who knows now, it might just shine light when BK does.

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Los Mentions Song “My Hightop Nikes” Off “Becoming King” Mixtape

Los Mentions Song My Hightop Nikes Off Becoming King Mixtape

Los mentioned some exclusive material off his mixtape, Becoming King, on Twitter. King Los said he wrote a song called “My Hightop Nikes” that will be on the upcoming Becoming King mixtape. Swagga Boy Los tweeted he wrote the song about his journey in life from starting in the projects to ending up in private jets, in other words: The King Life. With this new title, that confirms 3 track names out of 17 to 20 tracks on Becoming King. This includes, Born A King, Dope and now My Hightop Nikes. With the delay of the mixtape, Bad Boy Los goes on to give us another little sneak peek into the greatest mixtape ever. He also mentioned on Twitter that he will release a freestyle of the fan’s choice, so get to tweeting!!! Stay tuned for the latest updates on the upcoming tape.

Los “Born A King” Behind The Scenes & Interview

HNHH goes behind the scenes with Los and the first of the HNHH Original series, Born A King. After the video shoot, King Los does an interview to talk about his upcoming mixtape, Becoming King. Los said he also wanted one more feature on his new mixtape that’s not on there. Swagga Boy Los also goes in to explain his inspirations behind Born A King, his most embarrassing moment, his three wishes in life and more. Watch the video above and enjoy! Hit the jump below to view a photo from the video shoot.

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