Los – Zero Gravity II – Trailer

Los - Zero Gravity II - Mixtape Cover

Los just released the first trailer to his upcoming mixtape, Zero Gravity II. In the trailer, Los goes in on Tyga’s Molly and it looks like that will be the first leak. Los13th official mixtape will be presented by After Platinum and Bad Boy Records as usual and hosted by DJ Holiday.

King Los gave us the first part as his 7th mixtape back in 2010, now 3 years and 6 mixtapes later we get the second part. Stay tuned for the latest on Swagga Boy Los and Zero Gravity Point 2. If you haven’t already check out the first Zero Gravity. You can view the trailer after the jump. Enjoy.

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Los “Becoming King” Mixtape Sample Cleared

Los 'Becoming King' Mixtape Sample Cleared

Los just mentioned on Twitter that his highly anticipated mixtape, Becoming King, has had it’s sample clearance issue cleared. King Los then went on to say that the release date for the tape is “coming soon.” We definitely should of had a release date by now so who knows when this new mixtape is actually going to drop. I know it’s been a really long time, but just hold on a little more, were going to get something huge from Bad Boy Los.

My best guess is that he is going to announce the release date for Zero Gravity Pt. 2 first or even just drop it out of nowhere. We already know Zero.2 is going to hit hard so maybe he really wants to hype up Becoming King by releasing that first. After Zero, he’ll then announce the release date for Becoming King along with another single, artwork and any other details to keep the fans intrigued. But that’s just my guess. Leave a comment below to leave your guess on what Swagga Boy Los is going to do.

Mark Battles – Riding Slow (Feat. Los & Dizzy Wright) Teaser

Mark Battles – Riding Slow (Feat. Los & Dizzy Wright) Teaser

As I mentioned earlier, Mark Battles will be dropping a teaser to Riding Slow. Well here it is and it features Los and Dizzy Wright. Out of the 32 second snippet, we learn that Mark Battles is on the hook of this laid back beat. As the clip ends, Dizzy starts his verse and it sounded like he was about to kill it. King Los will get on a verse along with Battles totaling 3 verses and the hook. The full song is coming soon, so stay tuned for that. After the jump, you can view the Riding Slow teaser featuring Swagga Boy Los.

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Mark Battles – Riding Slow (Feat. Los & Dizzy Wright) Coming Soon

Mark Battles - Riding Slow (Feat. Los & Dizzy Wright) Coming Soon

Mark Battles just announced on Twitter that he will be coming out with a new single with Los and Dizzy Wright. The song will be called Riding Slow and it will most likely be off King Los and Battles upcoming collab mixtape, Broken Silence. The track will be coming soon, although there is a teaser that is supposed to drop later today. Stay tuned for the teaser, which will most likely contain a snippet of Riding Slow and a little video behind it. You can also check out some more upcoming projects from Swagga Boy Los that will be released in the near future.

Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

King Los Upcoming Releases: Mixtapes / Songs

Here is an depth perspective on all upcoming releases from Los, including his mixtapes and songs. First up, we got the mixtape, Becoming King. Originally supposed to be released on the 29th of November, but due to some sample clearance issues, the tape has been delayed till further notice. We most likely won’t see BK till later this month, I’m sure King Los won’t push it into the next year though. Now, we did get some info on a few of the songs on the tape. We already heard Born A King, Dope will be on it along with My Hightop Nikes. But don’t forget about Turn Up, which features T-Pain, that will most likely be on BK, since it’s an original track. Turn Up was originally supposed to drop a week or two before the tape. Maybe we’ll see it before the tape drops but who knows now, it might just shine light when BK does.

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